GTJ-143 女性トイレ、嘔吐フェラチオ Female Toilet, Vomit Blowjob (2024 | FullHD)

The strongest erotic monster, Ayaka Mochizuki, becomes a human toilet! A series of uncontrollable hardcore deepthroats. Three consecutive toilet-bound deepthroats, three hardcore anal toilets, and three consecutive creampie fucks. Mochi’s real and fragile appearance is the most erotic!
XTRM-008 嘔吐マゾ喉レイプ性奴隷 Vomiting, Masochist, Throat Rape (2024 | FullHD)

Aina-chan, a masochistic housekeeper, is turned into a sex slave again. Aina-chan comes to her master in a miniskirt and casual clothes to be treated like a sex toy with no regard for human rights. He strokes her completely obedient throat pussy and ejaculates deep in her throat.
CMN-240 浣腸マニア、トイレに行かせません! Enema Mania, I won’t let You go to the Toilet! (2024 | FullHD)

The best of bondage enema torture, the highlight of SM humiliation training play. A large amount of glycerin liquid runs through the intestines of the enema beauties, bringing them to despair. They shed sweat and desperately try to hold in their excretion. No matter how much they beg, they won’t be allowed to go to the toilet!