GTJ-143 女性トイレ、嘔吐フェラチオ Female Toilet, Vomit Blowjob (2024 | FullHD)

The strongest erotic monster, Ayaka Mochizuki, becomes a human toilet! A series of uncontrollable hardcore deepthroats. Three consecutive toilet-bound deepthroats, three hardcore anal toilets, and three consecutive creampie fucks. Mochi’s real and fragile appearance is the most erotic!
XTRM-008 嘔吐マゾ喉レイプ性奴隷 Vomiting, Masochist, Throat Rape (2024 | FullHD)

Aina-chan, a masochistic housekeeper, is turned into a sex slave again. Aina-chan comes to her master in a miniskirt and casual clothes to be treated like a sex toy with no regard for human rights. He strokes her completely obedient throat pussy and ejaculates deep in her throat.