VRXS-235 排泄物と一緒にキス Kissing with Feces (2023 | FullHD)

変態淑女・松沢ゆかりがレズクソ接吻を放つ! NG女優・後藤結愛が超ハードスカトロに挑戦! お互いの尿を大量に飲み干した後、松沢はおならとともに軟便を大量に放出する。 さらにアナルから便を掻き出すと直腸が刺激され極太ウンコが絞り出される。 「苦い!」と言いながら唾液と便で舐める! 後藤が10日間溜めた熟成糞を出し相互糞フェラ! 究極の愛の形…これはクソみたいなキスだ!
GTJ-125 ドラッグ女体肉便器 岬あずさ Drug Female Body Meat Urinal (2023 | FullHD)

Azusa Misaki appears in the 2nd revival of the series that turns women into meat urinals. Azusa Misaki, a teammate of Aya Shiomi's M female corps who appeared in the first revival, surrenders herself to her hard FUCK. She continues to be blamed from top to bottom and she turns into a meat urinal.
GTJ-118 浣腸注射奴 潮見彩 Enema Injection Guy Aya Shiomi (2023 | FullHD)

The momentum of Aya Shiomi, who has entered her second year of exclusive, does not stop! This time, TOHJIRO's past legendary masterpiece "Enema tank injection" series has been revived with more power! Enema training suddenly started at the basement SM bar for Aya Shiomi, a masochistic woman.