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Newest scat movie with tom dominatrix goddess and slavegirl. The theme is lick up all shit from my feets until they are clean my darling. So slavegirl will and has to do this.
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Super sexy domina goddess going to punish her young slavegirl in many ways. She smothering it first by her strong hands, then with her big butt. Whore slave must to taste her domina’s spit also, what she will get a lots of time in her face till the end. When mistress has enough from her little games, she going to scat an enormous big shit into whore’s mouth. Slavegirl receiving an extra large, hot scat porcion into her mouth, and she must to play with that, as her domina order. She must to eat hot pieces from the floor, or from the big scat-ball, what goddess makes for the slave. Whore will swim in scat, untill mistress feels that she is done with her little stupid slave.
[Special #547] Anna Coprofield made dinner out of shit and ate fresh shit (2018 | FullHD)

At first you show me how you take the collected shit and serves it nicely on the plate and in a bowl. You enter the room with a big plate filled with the collected turds and a bowl full of your creamy shit as a dip. You look in the camera and moans, you put them on the table that is already covered with spoon, fork and knife. Of course the champagne glas must not be missing when you have to piss. You begins your dinner with shitting a fresh one on the plate, if you can.Otherwise you starts your dinner No.2 until you can shit. You take a harder turd and dips it in the bowl. First you lick the dip, tells me how delicious it is, dips it again and bites a big piece and begins to chew. I want you to put as much shit as you can, so you can hardly close it while chewing, so that a lot runs out. You smear it back in your chewing mouth, moaning, thats so yummy! You take a turd and smears the running shit with it back in your chewing and smacking! mouth, then biting another piece, go on chewing while you dips again. Your mouth is so full before you put the rest of the turd inside. This dinner should be double as long as the last time, with chewing all the shit you got there, 3+1 load of your shit! Hope to see you swallowing some, this time. Take a little bowl for some dip and a plate for the rest and the fresh shit. But fresh shit is important too, ok? I really want you to dip in the shit. So please prepare 2 banana for diping it in your chocolate-cream.
[Special #548] Mistress giving slavegirl lots of shit in mouth to swallow (2018 | FullHD)

Slavegirl will be rewarded for her good works, the goodess decided to make a delicious cake of shit to her slave. Mistress introduces slavegirl in a submission session, licking her feet, ass and pussy before giving lots of shit to swallow.
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PooAlina pooping and spitting in mouth slave toilet close-up. Alina shoots at the mouth of the toilet slave, with two heavy and thick pieces of smelly shit.
[Special #556] PooAlina shitting in mouth of a slave and secretions from pussy (2018 | FullHD)

PooAlina shitting in mouth of a slave and secretions from pussy. Alina spits on the shit and smeared on her ass, periodically ordering the slave to lick the shit. Alina smears the mouth and tongue of the toilet slave, spits into her mouth. The slave’s mouth contains spitting natural female excretions of Alina, as well as her spits and shit.
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New video SweetBettyParlour more fetish, more extreme! I pooping in high heels, sucks dildo in shit and smearing feces on face, then I fisting my pussy with shit, it was unforgettable scat play!
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Amanda has a huge load of shit in her ass! I want it in my mouth so bad! I need to see her beautiful asshole open up and watch that monster load of shit fall into my mouth!
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Olga returned and now uses me as a whore, she got me a leash and said that I am her dog. Olga put me on my knees and I was crawling around the floor with cancer, Olga put me in the ass anal plug and I crawl on the floor with anal plug in the ass. Olga bare my chest and I listen to my mistress I’m her dog, Olga turned to me booty and releases a big load of shit in my mouth, Olga had diarrhea and my mouth and face were all shit. Olga took the rubber cock and started to fuck me in the mouth, shoving crap inside me. Fucking so much shit on me that’s great, Olga substitutes the dogs bowl and orders me to shit in a dog bowl I shit and piss in a bowl, Olga tells me to eat shit but before that Olga puts me in the ass rubber cock and has me im. I eat a bowl of shit and drink urine, Olga takes the bowl and pours me in the mouth in the shit and piss I’m the shit, yeah I’m a dirty dog Yana and Olga my mistress she treats me like a thing.
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My ass made a big load of poop on a plate and i eats my shit with spoon, I am will be honestly its taste bad so I vomiting, you can watch that i ate a lot strawberry today, so my vomit some redly and pinky… In video also pee and i drinked it all after eating poop.