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[Special #505] Russian scat lezdom, mistress forced slave Olga eat shit (2018 | FullHD)

In this video you will see Olga as a slave. In the beginning she eats shit out of your ass her mistress Yana. She eats everything, then with a dirty mouth she starts to suck dildo, mistress at this time sits down and begins to smoke. Ian looks after as her slave behaves and shows what to do. Olga sucks dildo, then goes on the shoe of his mistress and licks her shoes. Then Madame tells her the shoes shit, Olga makes it and then begins to lick the shit his shoe mistress licks and swallows all the shit it. Then the dog in the room, is ordered to suck on dildo, it deeply to smoke in the mouth into the throat, and wife puts his feet in shoes on the body of a slave, and further, sometimes heel pushes the body of a slave in the under the floor. Here is an interesting movie we averted. wait for new masterpieces soon.
[Special #567] Young mistress shitting in mouth of a toilet slave and throwing turd in mouth (2018 | FullHD)

Today young mistress was in a good mood! She decided to play with her personal toilet slave like a dog. Young mistress pooping him in the mouth, then she made a shit ball and threw a slave into her mouth – the slave must catch the ball from the shit and bring it in his mouth and hand it in his hand.
[Special #570] Mistress force slavegirl swallow urine and feces (2018 | FullHD)

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New Goddess will not forget her first time making a delicious Scat for the slavegirl. Whoever had the honor of receiving this gift was whore, an obedient slavegirl, who will not leave any scat left.